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Life at Parthivi »

The college has created the best infrastructure and learning systems that facilitate the student's evolution into professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills that can help the society and the nation. A Resourceful Library, High speed Internet connectivity, A spacious Seminar Hall equipped with LCD, OHP & other audio-visual aids, English Language Lab, Cafeteria and Sports facilities like a playground, sports lounge and Transportation facilities connecting all the corners of the city are some of the features which support the students development at Parthivi.

The institute believes that the true potentials of students cannot be realized through academics alone. The students need to be provided with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents in extra- curricular activities as well. Accordingly, our academic programs are backed up with appropriate co- curricular and extra-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance, ethics and values; all of which help the students towards becoming complete.