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Prof. M.L. Verma
Retd. Professor NIT Raipur
(Government Engineering College, Raipur)


Dear Students,

Behind every great edifice there is an enduring dream which often much greater than the edifice itself. The great dream behind the Parthivi College of Engineering & Management is based upon the vision of a trans formed and developed India. Ex. President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdual Kalam, prompted us to have a big dreams of our country.     

Buildings do not make the college. It is the teaching learning process that give life to an institute. We will give the greatest importance to academics. Our teachers will take extra effort to give the maximum teaching, not through the classes, but also through tutorials.

The international commission on education for the 21st century declared that Education throughout life should be based on four pillars : learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. Higher education is supposed to provide society with competent men and women trained in agriculture, medicine, science and Technology and other professions, which can provide necessary technical know how for bringing about economic changes of the country. In view of the enormous skilled manpower, India may be come a significant production centre of the world.

The attributes of a graduate engineer to meet the globalization needs includes many skills such as problem solving skill, Proficiency in the use of tools of analysis, synthesis, optimization, modeling and simulation, communication skills both oral and written, a global perspective in engineering activity, capacity to work in inter disciplinary or International engineering teams and appreciation and understanding of world affairs and cultures. Over and above, a student of engineering should have concern for people or society and for relevance of engineering solutions. He should have concern for people or society and for relevance of engineering solutions. He should have an understanding of the impact of engineering activity on environment and society.